Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Machine

The continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant is becoming more and more popular The handing capacity of this plant is 30-50 tons per day, and it can work continuously for 24 hours without a stop.
Continuous Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

The plastic to oil plant manufactured by our company adopts the latest pyrolysis technology By using this plant ,waste plastics can be converted into fuel oil, carbon black and some combustible gas.
Plastic To Oil Plant

Waste Rubber Pyrolysis Machine

Our waste rubber pyrolysis plant adopts components that have high quality guarantee, which can improve working efficiency and ensure product quality in the production process.
Waste Rubber Pyrolysis Plant

Medical Waste Pyrolysis Plant

To dispose the large amount of medical waste, we have developed the medical waste recycling machine, which aims at converting waste into wealth.
Medical Waste Recycling Machine

Tire & Plastic Recycling Plant

As a professional tyre recycling machines manufacturer and supplier, we provide high quality and first-classs service Our latest design tyre recycling machine for sale now!
Tyre Recycling Machine For Sale

UsedOilDistillation Plant

Simple introduction, the process of crude oil distillation is to convert crude oil into fuel oil and gasoil We have two types of distillation machine: batch operating distillation plant and auto continuously operating distillation Plant
Process of Crude Oil Distillation

5/10/20ton Pyrolysis Plant

The meaning of the pyrolysis project report is converting waste tires,plastics,rubber, medical waste and oil sludge into useful resources, such as fuel oil, carbon black,steel wire(for waste tires).
Pyrolysis Plant Project Report
Waste Pyrolysis Plant & Tyre Pyrolysis Plant & Plastic Pyrolysis Machine & Waste Tyre To Oil Plant & Waste Plastic To Oil Plant
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